<aside> 🔍 The "Minting Tool" on Coinvise is a way for creators to make a token and turn their audience into an engaged community. On Coinvise, anyone can create a token in few clicks and receive the tokens created directly in their Wallet - retaining 100% of ownership.



Table of Content

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1 - How to mint a Token on Coinvise? (Tutorial)

Minting a Social Token is an important step for every community as it will completely reinvent the way members collaborate together and open a whole new world of possibilities.

Once you're ready, go on Coinvise.co and follow this step-by-step tutorial. Creating a Social Token is pretty straightforward and shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

<aside> ⚠️ Note: Before starting, make sure to have a Crypto Wallet and enough Ethereum ($ETH) to pay for the transactions (we don't charge any fees for minting, but there are some network costs paid in gas fees).

If you don’t want to pay money upfront, you can create your token on a Blockchain (Polygon) that requires almost no gas fees when doing transactions. You can easily switch networks (from Ethereum to Polygon) on Coinvise, as shown below. Ensure to approve the transaction in your wallet once you’ve clicked on “Matic Network.”



Mint a Token

<aside> 👇 Go on Coinvise.co and click the Create Token button.



<aside> 👇 Click the connect "Wallet button" and follow the instruction. If you don't have a Wallet or don't know how to connect it, here's a complete tutorial.