<aside> 🔍 NFT Memberships on Coinvise are the easiest way to kickstart and monetize a web3 community through token-gated access, content, and experiences. With NFT memberships, you can now grant different access levels easily (NFT tiers), increase engagement with members' opt-in (validity periods), earn passive income (2nd market trades), grow your community at scale (NFT bulk airdrop).



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1 - How to mint an NFT Membership on Coinvise? (Tutorial)

NFT Memberships serve as digital, renewal keys for anyone to access a deeper level of engagement within your community. They also serve as a great way for community builders to engage and support active contributors.

Your members want to be part of something special, want to be associated with your vision, and this is exactly what you can now provide them.

Through different membership tiers, you’ll offer different levels of access and content to members, incentivizing them to be highly engaged to keep their status. This is powerful.

Once you're ready to create your NFT Membership, go on Coinvise.co and follow this step-by-step tutorial. Let’s go 🔥

<aside> ⚠️ Note: Before starting, make sure to have a Crypto Wallet and enough Ethereum ($ETH) to pay for the transactions (we don't charge any fees for minting, but there are some network costs paid in gas fees).

If you don’t want to pay money upfront, you can create your NFT on a Blockchain (Polygon) that requires almost no gas fees when doing transactions. You can easily switch networks (from Ethereum to Polygon) on Coinvise, as shown below. Ensure to approve the transaction in your wallet once you’ve clicked on “Matic Network.”



Tutorial: Minting an NFT Membership on Coinvise

<aside> 👇 Go on Coinvise.co and click the Create Token button.